Thursday, October 14, 2021

Oct 14, 2021 Juggling

Attendance:. Jeff A, Mellll, Mike N, Mark H

First week inside this fall. We are masked, and taking attendance per rules of the  First Congregational Church.

We had a small talk about if Madfest should be held. More people should share their thoughts. But some of the points and questions mentioned were:
* Barrymore wants a show
* Barrymore requires vaccination for entry
* Barrymore's current events are only about half full.
* We do not even have a start on collecting acts for a show
* Could we get acts at this point to make a worth while show?
* We haven't done any looking for space, would we even be able to get somewhere
* MCS may be available, but we would have to cap attendance at about 75 due to space limits
* Are there enough people that would want to put the effort needed to run the fest?
* What covid protocols would be needed?(depends on county and location at the time)
* Is postponing till spring an option to be able to be outside.

A bunch of questions, without solid answers.  Maybe we should have a bigger chat, or maybe a questionnaire to gauge opinions of the larger group.


Thursday, April 18, 2019

April 18th, 2019

Jugglers: Steve, Melll, Jeremy,Jeff,Conner, Chan, Mike, Nick,Nick, and Lee!


4 3leaf clover
5 appollo weave to twister
6 drop back and forward triangles
8 foie melll
8 Melll extension of foie Graham
6 windy 2-hole-er
5 ivy pi weave ( 6 count , then 5 count, then 4? )
5 extra club 5count star

Thursday, March 28, 2019

March 28th 2019

Jugglers: Melll,Steve,Robert,Nick,Nick,Gordon,Jeff,Conner,Peter,Tony,Shane


4 person: 3 count Phoenician waltz with 2 manipulators
4 person: backwards 2pi/3
4 person: Kat's Kradle
4 person: 3t for 4
3 person: menagerie de trois
6 person: 1:2:2:1 in 5 count
6 person: the spiral weave 4count/8count.
                 Then async  6count/10count


Thursday, March 21, 2019

March 21st 2019

Jugglers: Mark, Jeff, Melll, Robert, Conner, Gordon, Steve, Dan, Mike

 3 people - mildness madness
 4 people -
 5 people - melll's Apollo weave
 6 people - weave
 6 people - windy 2 hole
 7 people - twister weave
 8 people - 3-2-3 5count spinning 2 pi /3
 8 people - 4-3-1 / egg beater - twister - inside .           Then add switching eggbeater to twister


Friday, March 1, 2019

Maj Feb 28

3 leaf bouncing clover (see Scott's description in prior message)

2 pi / 3, reversed direction with a post
2 handled eggbeater with switches
Extra club 5 count 5 ppl star

Nick nick2 Chan Melll Dan Steve Scott Connor Gordon