Saturday, July 29, 2017

Thursday July 27, 2017

Jeff, Scotty, Nick, Professor Mike, and Melll

"new" variations of old patterns: inverted 3 leaf clover and 4 leaf clover (start passing to the left and move to the right), run-over clover now becomes back-over clover
extra club 5 count star
3 count star
1 count star
3 count 3 person gauntlet

Monday, July 17, 2017

IJA 2017 Festival

3 People:
2 Pi over 3
3 Count Turbo
Wally Walk
Wally Walk Variation
5 Count/Why Not? Feed
Chop About
12/13/14/15 Drop Forward Line
9/13/14 Drop Back Line
4 Count Popcorn 11-Club Feed
9/10 Gorilla Feeds
Extra Club Roundabout
Popcorn Feed Variations (x3)

4 People:
2 Pi over 3 With Post
Scrambled V
Brain Teaser
3 Leaf Clover
Oogle Boogy
5 Count Weave
3T for 2
Change Sides Weave
El Turbo
Scrambled 3
Ambled 3
Funky Bookends/Why Not Feed
Shooting Star

5 People:
4-Leaf Clover
Twister Weave
3-2-1 Apollo
3 Leaf Clover With Orbiter
Chocolate Bar-3 Count Feed
5 Count Twister
5 Count Star
Apollo Weave (3-1-1) to Twister
Drop back Weave
3-4-5 Eggbeater
Three Vee

6 People:
4 Leaf Clover with Orbiter
4 Pi over 3 (AKA Mating 2 Pi over 3)
Natural Weave
Inverted Double Weave
Drop back Twister
Electric Razor

7 People:
4 Leaf Clover with 2 Orbiters
2 Pi over 3 with 2 Egg Beaters
Twister Weave with 2 Egg Beaters
8 People:
Double Vision Box
3-4-5 Eggbeater Variation
Spicy Sandwich (aka Open Face Sandwich)
Eye of the Needle
Broken Hearted Blast

8 People:
Hoe Down (AKA Double Y)
Twister Egg Beater with Mr. Inside Feeder
3-2-1-2 Apollo

9 People:
Triple Vision Feed
Twister Sandwich
Triple Vision Windy 2 Holer

N People:
Expanding W (2 Count)

Thursday, July 6, 2017

July 6

Back to front
5count weave
Twister changesides
Electric Razor
4 leaf clover with orbiter
Windy 2 holer
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